Sono Motors expands car-sharing, further develops Sion solar electric vehicle

Sono Motors expands car-sharing, further develops Sion solar electric vehicle

The Sono App enables car owners to share any vehicle within a trusted community, the development coming on the heels of announcements of the company’s new wall box charger and higher-capacity battery for its car due for launch in 2023.
Munich-based Sono Motors GmbH today announced the expansion of its community car-sharing service beyond its Sion SEV (solar electric vehicle) to all vehicles on the market. The service expansion aims to activate the potential of millions of cars that go unused every day, according to the company.

The car-sharing service is enabled by the Sono app, a custom-built platform that unites all the company’s digital services. The app represents a key pillar of Sono Motors’ business model, and it is expected to generate a platform service revenue of €295 million (about $348 million) by 2025.

Through the expanded service users can share their vehicles with a selected group of people. Unlike other peer-to-peer sharing services, the offering is said to give owners the comfort of knowing that their vehicle is in safe and trusted hands.

Sono Motors uses the same digital capabilities set up by the in-house team for its app that allows Sion owners to share their vehicle, a ride, or power with others. Regardless of manufacturer and motive power type, the company will now offer to everyone car-sharing capabilities including payment processing, insurance coverage, and optional telematics integration.

The community car-sharing service is said to be convenient to set
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