MoonBikes launches app at CES for ‘world’s first’ electric snowbike

2 min readJan 4, 2023

At the CES Unveiled media preview, the company revealed that CES booth visitors can demo the app and first interactive virtual reality headset to experience the MoonBike in the snowscapes of the French Alps, Italy, and other beautiful destinations.
­­MoonBikes, maker of the world’s first electric “snowbike,” has launched its Connected MoonBike app that will be available for download for the Winter 2023–2024 season. The announcement was made by MoonBikes’ Founder Nicolas Muron at the CES 2023 Unveiled media preview today.

The French startup launched its snowbikes in the U.S. in 2021 to democratize snow mobility, and the only one of its kind on the market is now available in the U.S., Canada, and over 20 countries worldwide. The company says that it is creating a veritable revolution in the snow mobility market with bikes that emit zero emissions and are silent for an enjoyable nature immersion; easy to charge, transport, and store; and most of all fun to ride.

The app will enable users to track numerous aspects of their rides including trail maps, altitude, distance, speed, duration, and battery level. They’ll also be able to see other riders in their area and “follow” friends to view their personal best rides, join them on trails, and create a MoonBikers social club. Muron says he is excited about the sense of community that MoonBikes lovers will have access to within the app.

“MoonBikes is super focused on creating outdoor products that immerse people into their
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