Mahle accelerates e-mobility plans

The company’s renewed focus calls for the construction of five new MPT testing and development facilities, with facilities in the UK, the U.S., Germany, China, and Brazil developing solutions for batteries, and Mahle development of thermal systems and a fuel cell partnership with Ballard.
As the industry moves quickly toward more-electric vehicles, industry suppliers are responding. The latest incumbent supplier to get onboard is Mahle and its Mahle Powertrain (MPT) unit, which is expanding its portfolio with a specific focus on “e-mobility.”

The development service provider headquartered in Northampton in the UK is chasing the new electrification business as it aims to outperform its peers in 2021. It is investing €12 million in the construction of five new testing and development facilities.

“Our portfolio includes electrification, the development of fuel cells, and solutions to support the use of hydrogen and alternative fuels in smart electrified combustion engines,” said Simon Reader, MPT’s Director of Engineering, at a press conference earlier this week. “We want to grow further in this area in particular. We’re in an excellent position to help our customers develop their sustainable mobility solutions.”

MPT’s main activities lie in the design, simulation, and development of batteries, fuel cells, electric motors, adding to capabilities in powertrains, transmissions, software, vehicle electronics, and control systems. That is why the Mahle subsidiary aims to increase its focus on trai
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Sustainable media for sustainable mobility.

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Sustainable media for sustainable mobility.

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