Latest Magna system simplifies light-truck electrification

Adding to the supplier’s growing portfolio of electrification solutions, the EtelligentForce, targeted for 2025 production in 4WD pickups and light commercial vehicles, features a front eDrive and a rear eBeam that replaces traditional beam axles while accommodating existing suspension and brake systems.
Magna International Inc. is prepping a battery electric vehicle (BEV) powertrain system for pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles. Targeted for production from 2025, the EtelligentForce 4WD powertrain is engineered to simplify electrification while preserving full vehicle capabilities and enabling greater sustainability.

“EtelligentForce comes at a pivotal time — particularly in the North American auto industry where pickup trucks are at their height of popularity and one of the last segments to become fully electric,” said Tom Rucker, President of Magna Powertrain. “The beauty of this powerful BEV system is that it delivers the environmental benefits of an electric powertrain while maintaining the capability and utility of conventional 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks. We are excited to be able to share these future-ready solutions with our stakeholders this year.”

EtelligentForce, originally intended to be launched at CES 2022 before the company’s withdrawal, features Magna’s eDrive technology in front and an eBeam electrified beam axle at the rear. It is designed for high-payload vehicles capable of towing up to 14,500 lb (6580 kg), which it says is easily on par with its ICE (internal combustion engine) counterparts in this truck segment. It can provide a total peak power of up to 430 kW, 250 kW f
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Sustainable media for sustainable mobility.

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