LAND launches electric two-wheeler based on E Moto ecosystem

The Cleveland, OH-based startup has begun production on the District electric cycle with four operating modes from e-bike to e-motorcycle based around a platform called CORE that can provide small-scale, home-backup power.
The electric motorcycle market is a rapidly growing one, thanks to brands like Zero and Damon. Electric bicycle (e-bike) technology is also becoming increasingly popular, with suppliers such as Valeo and makers like VanMoof bringing new e-bike offerings to market every year. But there’s also a push to fill the gap in the market between full-sized e-motorcycles and e-bicycles.

LAND, a startup EV manufacturer headquartered in Cleveland, is one company looking to fill that void. It recently announced it has started U.S. production of its new District E Moto, a two-wheeled vehicle that performs as an e-bicycle, e-moped, and e-motorcycle through a ride mode selection interface. Mode 1 is for E-Bike — Class 2 with a 27-mph (43-km/h) limit, Mode 2 is E Moped (limits differ by state), Mode 3 is Motorcycle (range x power), and Mode 4 is Motorc
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Sustainable media for sustainable mobility.

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