Sep 28, 2021

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Kodiak Robotics unveils next-generation autonomous truck

Kodiak Robotics unveils next-generation autonomous truck

With plans to more than double its self-driving fleet, the new trucks will feature what the company says is the industry’s most modular and discreet autonomous trucking sensor suite.
Self-driving trucking company Kodiak Robotics, Inc. today announced its fourth-generation autonomous truck. The new generation is designed for improved autonomous system robustness, with greater fleet uptime, manufacturing, and serviceability in mind — all of which the company says are critical to scale the technology quickly, safely, and efficiently.

“Complex and bulky systems that require an engineer to hand-build and hand-tune are expensive, unreliable, and difficult to debug,” said Don Burnette, Co-founder and CEO of Mountain View, CA-based Kodiak Robotics. “We believe that reliability and scalability flow from simplicity, and the best hardware modifications should be barely visible. Our fourth-generation platform is designed for simple, scaled production, which means easy calibration, troubleshooting, and maintenance for our partners.”

The fourth-generation truck features a modular and more discreet sensor suite in three locations — a slim-profile “center pod” on the front roof above the windshield and pods integrated into both side-view mirrors. This better-integrated sensor placement is said to vastly simplify sensor installation and maintenance and increases safety.

Recognizing self-driving supplier contributions

The fourth-generation technology represents the culmination of t
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