Bosch teams with VW’s Cariad to develop mobility software

The new joint development agreement is focused on automated driving systems, with the first Level 2 hands-free system for urban and freeway driving launching in 2023.
For Volkswagen and Bosch, 2022 has already been a busy year. In a follow-up to the January 18 announcement of a new joint venture between the two German companies focused on European EV battery production, VW’s software subsidiary, Cariad, also announced a new partnership with Bosch to develop partial and highly automated EV software on a standardized platform.

The software developed under this new partnership will be used in all vehicle brands within the VW Group, with the potential to be made available to other OEMs. The joint venture’s first Level 2 hands-free system for urban and freeway driving will launch in 2023, with a planned Level 3 automated highway driving system to follow, as well as a potential Level 4 system.

According to SAE International’s J3016 Recommended Practice, Level 2 automated driving systems provide steering and brake/acceleration support to the driver, while Level 3 systems provide automated driving in certain conditions while a driver is present. Level 4 driving automation means vehicles do not require human interaction in their operations, instead
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Sustainable media for sustainable mobility.

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