Oct 14, 2021

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Apex.AI updates operating system for software-defined mobility

Apex.AI updates operating system for software-defined mobility

With the upgrade to Apex.OS 1.3, the ASIL-D certified solution further speeds the development of security-certifiable software stacks and now allows the use of Apex.Middleware to enable real-time data transfer and “zero-copy” communication to ensure extremely low latency for large amounts of data.
As mobility shifts to a more electric, connected, and autonomous future, the way vehicles are architected is also changing. Software-defined vehicles are the way forward, say most experts.

One company leading the charge is Apex.AI. The Palo Alto-, Berlin-, and Munich-based developer of next-generation scalable software for mobility systems was cofounded in 2017 by Jan Becker, President and CEO, and Dejan Pangercic, CTO. Helping them innovate at the software-defining company are Paul Balciunas, CFO; Sanjay Krishnan, VP of Product; Serkan Arslan, VP of Business Development; Tavis Szeto, VP of APAC; Michael Pöhnl, Senior Staff Engineer; and Zion Maffeo, VP of Legal and Business.

The company’s flagship product is
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